Officially Unofficial Blogger

Blogging has been on my mind for a whole while now, I guess ever since fashion and beauty bloggers appeared on my screen around 2010 or so. I never really thought I could start blogging myself though, because I assumed you’d have to have an interesting life to have something to blog about. But let’s face it – that’s not the case. Anyone can blog, whether you like to hear this or not. 

The only thing that kept me from doing this for so long was the way blogging has developed and the fact that it lacks originality and is mainly monetized. 

I personally do not like the commercial side of the blogging concept. I believe blogging is a way of self expression and if you use your very own space on the internet for the sole purpose of advertising products or services you do not personally advocate for you’re lying to yourself. I do not appreciate the fact that all blogs more or less look the same and show the same pattern in text and layout. This is just pathetic. I advocate for realness and originality, I consider it lazy to copy and ride the trend wave. I believe though that blogging will go back to its original niche state, simply because more and more people are realizing the fauxness of these trend blogs. Credibility is the key to success after all.
I truly want to take it back, to less edited and more real content. More originality, quality over quantity. To me it is all about contributing to society in a positive and constructive way. If I can ultimately inspire someone to get up and do something they have always wanted to do or express themselves creatively, I have reached my goal.