Vila i fred, Tim.

I can not express how sad I am about the death of Tim Bergling…

If it was not for him the whole EDM scene would not be what it is today. AVICII got so many people to listen to electronic music and formed the bridge from pop to dance music. Just scrolling through Instagram after his death made me realize how many producers and DJs started expressing themselves in music just because they were inspired by AVICII.

I remember when Levels came out and someone played it in class, it was one of those songs that made everyone want to who it was from simply because it sounded so different from all the commercial EDM songs back then. I spent hours looking up who made it and when I finally found the song on YouTube I listened to it for a whole week on repeat.


AVICIIs music helped me through some tough times in my life. When listening to You Make Me or The Days I felt like I could escape reality for just one moment.
The video really set the bar high for lyric videos at the time it came out.
I feel like AVICII accompanied me through my youth and my early 20s, and I love that so many other people feel the same about him as I do. He managed to develop and progress with us, and so did his music. To see so many people gather in Sergel’s Square in Stockholm made me realize how big his impact was.
The video for Waiting For Love made me cry.
Without You.


Rest In Peace Tim! You were too good for this world, but live on through your music within us.