Ushuaia – The Hotel


My stay at the Ushuaia hotel was supreme and I would definitely stay there again. The hotel has a great audience and I love the overall style and vibe to it. The architecture is modern, clean and interesting. It’s definitely the flagship of the modern Ibiza clubbing experience.
What I liked most about it is that staying at the hotel gives you free access to the club and Hi before 1am, so if you’re trying to save some money when clubbing it’s definitely the best choice.
Aside from that their corporate identity is just intense. The theme can be found literally anywhere, and I do not only mean this in terms of design. The whole vibe just screams Ushuaia. The room keys are wristbands – honestly best idea ever – and they give you Ushuaia bracelets when checking out.
The outside sitting area.




Pool area.
Weirdest ashtray ever. Love it.
This rosé was from the grocery store across the street and it was soooo good. I hope I can find it somewhere in Austria.