Short Trip to Milano

In late May I got the chance to visit one of my best friends in Milano. As she is doing a uni program there for three months, it was the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway. I had never been to Milano before, but always wanted to go. We only spent one day and one night in Milano but still managed to get the most out of it.


Shameless self promotion in fron of the Duomo.
The square is literally the perfect photo-op for Instagram content as it is super clean and a wide angle can make it look like you are the only person around.
I was kind of shocked though at how the government only seems to keep the area around the Duomo clean and does not seem to care about proper streets and their many other old buildings.


I arrived at around 3pm at Milano Centrale and luckily had no flight or train delays. The airport train is inexpensive but crowded and would definitely not be considered a real train in Austria. It’s more like a large tram. Aside from that, literally nothing is in English in Italy, so good luck finding the right platform.





Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle II
An insanely beautiful place, but extremely crowded. It was really hard to get a proper picture without groups of tourists ruining it.
If you’re looking to spend some stacks, this is the place for you. The Galleria is host to all luxury boutiques and is neighbour to the renowned department store La Rinascente. Personally I like Rinascente a little better simply because it does not feel as crowded and has air conditioning lol.
Thanks for ruining my pic, dude.


I like that one better.