Aperitivo in Bergamo

As one of my friend’s birthday was the next day, we went out the night before for Aperitivo. The place she picked was called Tresoldi if I remember correctly.
Basically, Aperitivo means some Aperol and tapas. In our case we did not have to go to the actual tapas buffet since we were such a large group. They were nice enough to just serve it on our table. We had some mayonnaise veggie salad, ham, salami, cheese, fried rice, some tater tots and and and. I didn’t take pics of all the dishes because I was soooo hungry already. 

Best vodka cocktail ever. It was vodka infused with lemon and lavender, sooo refreshing after the long day at the lake.
The whole group. I felt really honored to be part of this awesome group for one evening only. This makes up for the fact that I look like  a garden dwarf in the pic.