Review: Ray Ban Evolve Round Pink

I just got my Ray Ban Evolve Round Metal in the mail and I am soooo impressed with them already! Ray Ban to me is the most trustworthy eyewear brand, since their designs are timeless and the quality is insane. At one point I accidently sat on my aviators and the didn’t bend one bit.
Also, being blind as a bat, Ray Ban has the option of being prescription strength if necessary, so if one day I don’t feel like wearing contacts anymore I can easily have the specs changed.
I feel like Ray Ban is one of the OG brands in fashion, and one of the only ones who quickly react to trends, but still an a way that stays true to the brand’s identity. The Evolve collection offers tinted glasses, which is perfect for summer. I went with the round metal shape, as I feel it goes well with my face shape and feels really comfy, i.e. my cheeks don’t touch the glasses when I smile and they are extremely light on my nose.
Here’s the full unboxing:




I really don’t think I have ever received sunglasses packed so elaborately. It truly feels like I ordered a luxury item.

The sunglasses in all their beauty.

Some shots in the same light, but coming from different angles. The tint of the glasses varies a little, according to where the light is coming from, sometimes it seems a little more red tinted rather than pink.


Some shots from different angles.
I feel like these will be my summer 2k18 shades.
I got mine off the official Ray Ban webstore for 142€.