Miami 2k17

I finally got to edit all my pictures from last year’s trip to Miami Beach, Florida! All the Miami posts will be filled with visuals so bear with me.

Even though I had already traveled to all the major tourist metropoles in the US I only made it to Miami last year. For a long time I didn’t even want to go there because it somehow seemed to me like the place most retired wealthy Europeans go for half of the year and that just didn’t fit into my aesthetic. I really don’t know whether it’s just me realizing that Florida is more than just Euro-retirees’ paradise or the fact that Miami Beach has developed a lot over the last decade. Art Basel and Miami Music Week seem to be the flagships of the chic scene and the recent developments in South Beach really add to that.

I stayed in Miami for a relatively short period of time – one week only. I would have wanted to stay longer but I couldn’t miss more of my uni classes or I would have dropped out probably. We stayed at the W South Beach, which was the perfect choice for us. I will dedicate a separate post to the hotel itself. We also did daytrips to the Everglades, Jungle Island and Aventura Mall. Aside from that we did all the touristy stuff in Miami Beach and downtown, i.e. Ocean Drive, Calle Ocho, Wynwood Walls and of course my all time favorite – the hop-on-hop-off bus.

Here’s some first impressions from the balcony of our room after I got off the most annoying 11h flight:

You’d be thinking smelly people and babies on planes would be the worst, but a bunch of late-30s ladies with Viennese accents killed it this time.