Miami Tourist Antics

South Pointe

Here are some quick shots from all the touristy activities we did in and around Miami Beach.

South Beach was I think the first place we went to. I mean our hotel’s name is the W South Beach but it’s actually in Miami Beach and not even close to the Southern tip sooooooo I guess that’s marketing at its best. South Beach and South Pointe Park is really scenic. The wooden walkway along the shore is a great photo opportunity and believe it or not – you are allowed to fish there. Just get a rod and catch some cod (or whatever – cod rhymes at least). The parks and buildings around this area all seem to be relatively new. As far as I could tell, this is where most rich European folks live who like to be part of Miami’s chic scene.
The only thing I didn’t really like is the fact that the beach is basically full of drunks who leave their trash there. I really think this is a bad combination of drunks and weak law enforcement. It’s really weird to me how they basically have a law against about anything in the US but leaving your trash at the beach and getting smashed is totally fine. As long as you put your beer in a brown paper bag.

Brunch at Nikki Beach Miami
I never thought I would ever say this but I really was extremely disappointed by Miami Beach’s Nikki Beach. I was super excited to go there for brunch but I guess my expectations where too high for this particular Nikki Beach. I had previously been to European Nikki Beaches but this one is nothing compared to them. 
The place is sadly really run-down and in dire need of rejuvenation. They don’t even have a proper beach there and the sunloungers just look like they will break as soon as someone sits on them. Also, the crowd there is just really not what i had expected. Usually in Europe, when you see someone at a Nikki Beach you can be 500% sure that they have money in the bank. A lot of money. But they don’t really show it off. Here in Miami, you had people flexing sooo hard! Everyone had fake gold and big watches on, I really did not expect this place to be so trashy. The ladies hardly wear anything and everyone is really loud and drunk by 11am. I am honestly so disappointed, I don’t think I’ll go there again unless they raise their standards and give the place a renovation.
Their Sunday brunch itself was amazing, but honestly the atmosphere made me want to leave.

Wynwood Walls
We did the Wynwood Walls as part of the hop on hop off bus tour and I think they were ok, but nothing more than that. I guess if it would have been Art Basel there would have been a lot more to look at but when I visited they were tearing down and re-doing some.

Calle Ocho
There’s not a lot about to say about Calle Ocho to be honest. It’s a Mexican street but that’s about it. If you feel like having some tacos this is the place to go.

Slice of pizza I had after the bus tour, I don’t know why I was so fascinated by the fact that it was as big as my hand.

Some water ways in Miami Beach.

Food at the Cheesecake Factory at Aventura Mall
Sorry to say this but Aventura Mall was a let down too. The mall itself is again a really run-down place already and they don’t even have a Sephora. I mean come on.
That’s about it for the first post on my Miami tourist traps, there’s more to come!