South Beach 2017

Here are some impressions from the actual beach of South Beach.

As you can tell here, there’s always some foggy clouds up, which is the usual deal in Miami. IT’s still extremely hot and humid most of the time. 
The beach itself is really clean and gets taken care of all the time, you can always spot some beach patrol going for rounds.

You can usually spot some influencers (or whatever they call themselves now) along the little lifeguard stands taking pics. I’m not going to lie, this place really is the perfect photo opportunity as the beach is really wide and you won’t have any random tourists in the background.

Nice tan from wearing adidas all day haha.

What I really dig about this beach is the fact that the sand is actually rather heavy and you won’t sink in when wearing sandals. It’s really comfortable to go for a walk at the beach.

The beach walk is perfect for riding a bike and doing some workouts along the way. It takes about 15 minutes to get to the Southern tip of Ocean Drive from the W.