Electric Love Festival 2018

I finally made it to my first festival experience ever and was not disappointed! Electric Love is the major EDM festival in Austria, so as you can guess I was more than excited to attend. The festival takes place each year around the beginning of July, at the end of the academic semester, and is situated right at the Salzburgring, which usually serves as a race track for Red Bull.

Even though the line up this year was kind of a bummer to me at first, most artists impressed me a lot and did way better than I initially expected them to.

Deorro, Vini Vici and Timmy Trumpet were must-sees for me and I honestly did not expect a lot from the other acts. Deorro was ok but I didn’t really see the whole set, because it started pouring down when he was on and the crowd was moving around like wild.

Marshmello and Alle Farben definitely had the most danceable sets and Vini Vici was a blast.
Axwell Ingrosso were cool too, but I think my hopes were just too high for them to fulfill. Ever since their SHM reunion I feel like we all want to see all three and not only Axwell and Ingrosso. Their film crew must have taken around a thousand shots of me though, as I somehow got to front row during their set. I better be in the aftermovie!

I was really disappointed by Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike and Steve Aoki. Their set was just all over the place, I swear they didn’t play a single song for longer than 30 seconds and each one was so hyper – they didn’t really react to the crowd. Most people left early during their set, so I guess this speaks for itself.

All in all I have to say that I was more than just impressed by my first ever festival experience. I honestly didn’t mind the rain at all, when you’re dancing in the midst of an energetic crowd to your favorite songs you’re immune to any weather.

I’ll split the posts up into three individual ones for each day, so that it will be a little more structured than to just have a huge overloaded post. Stay tuned!