Final Days in Miami 2017

Here’s a quick summary of the last days in Miami.

Breakfast buffet plate at Beachcraft (Now called Habitat)
Breakfast buffet at Beachcraft. I believe they changed the name of this restaurant to Habitat by now, but the menu remains the same.
This was honestly my favorite spot for breakfast during my stay in Miami. The overall philosophy of the 1 chain is very environmentally friendly and progressive thinking, which is also mirrored in their restaurants. The selection of the buffet is not that big but everything the offer is neatly picked and freshly made.

When I get to go back to Miami, I definitely want to stay at this place. The architecture and vibe of the hotel are just amazing.

Cuban food at La Habana on Lincoln Road Mall 
Miami Beach is filled with lots of Cuban restaurants, but we didn’t want to take any risks and settled for the one of the most known ones on Lincoln Road Mall. The food there was great, I really like the Cuban food more than the any other culinary choices in Miami Beach.

Bye Miami!

I think this pretty much wraps up my trip to Miami Beach in 2017. It was basically a whole lot of yummy food, new experiences and surprising weather. See ya in 2019 Miami!