Nice Is Just A Place In France

This year I got to spend a very quick four days on the French Riviera. I had been to Monaco twice before but we never really made it any further, so it was about time to take the chance and explore some more of the Cote d’Azur.

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This is post number one of what feels like 500 and beware, they are all really picture-heavy!
Just a little rant right away: I think this is the last time I will be flying Eurowings. Our flight there was delayed without any reason and the overall state of the planes is just… disgusting. The flight attendants are really friendly and helpful but some of the parts on the ceiling of the plane seemed to be coming off… that just really has you feeling scared that anything might happen. Don’t get me wrong I am aware that air travel is probably the safest mean of transport but … I feel like you should listen to your gut feeling when it comes to that.

Anyway let’s get started: we arrived in Nice at around 2pm and went straight to our hotel. I am always amazed at how you can basically get by with only knowing the most important words in French – No, they will not approach you in English, not even at the airport. Generally I feel like French people do not have these long dialogues like they do in the US. I know that’s something that most of the world files under “arrogance in France” but I personally think they put more focus on gestures and facial expression rather than loads of words… which might be a good thing.

View from our balcony – right across Promenade des Anglais

We stayed at the Mercure Nice Promenade des Anglais, as they had a great deal on It really was a nice stay there and the location is just perfect. It is situated right on the Promenade des Anglais, which is the main boulevard along the coast and lined with beach clubs. The room was pretty spacious for French standards and we even had a tiny balcony.

We just quickly unpacked and changed clothing, then proceeded to walk around the city a bit. We didn’t do a lot of proper sightseeing during the whole trip, like going to museums and all that, because we wanted to just have a nice time there and not be dragged from one point of interest to another. I think sightseeing is highly subjective anyway. Some think botanical gardens are sights, to me they’re just a bunch of plants (sorry not sorry).

We walked along the Promenade des Anglais and made it to the big Nice Sign on top of the little bend (Is that what you call it?) that leads to the port of Nice.

Segway Gang getting it

All the buildings along the port of Nice are really well kept and probably listed. I swear no matter where you turn, it’s the perfect picture.

We then took the free (!!!) elevator onto the hill and main lookout point over Nice to take some more pics.

Hell nah

For Dinner we went to La Villa de Este on the pedestrian street, which was like 100m from our hotel.
The pedestrian street hosts all the major restaurants and most of the little boutiques and souvenir shops. It also leads right towards the center of the city and the bigger shopping street Avenue Jean Médicin.


This restaurant offers some great seafood and the waiters are super quick.

French tablesets are just perfect.

Spotted this comfy boi
Bon Apetit!

We also went to a beach club that day but I will put this into a separate post as this one is waaay too long already! Generally I am having a hard time separating the posts as they more or less belong together but have to be cut up as they would just be too picture heavy.