Daytrip to Saint Tropez

We had to get up really early on our second day on the French Riviera to catch the ferry to Saint Tropez from Nice Port. The company was called Trans Cote d’Azur and we had reserved the tickets beforehand online. The boat was fully booked and sadly the benches were not comfy at all, aside from that I got a mad sunburn on my shoulders.

Sailing boats and sailing boats and sailing boats and sailing boats.


According to my dad this boat belongs to one of the major dudes behind Microsoft.

The ferry stopped in Cannes and aome other place I don’t remember the name of. We got to see some incredibly impressive yachts and mansions along the coast.

Entering the port of Saint Tropez.


I swear every clock and watch on the French Riviera is a Rolex.


Harleys are also a really popular vehicle here in Saint Tropez.



These looked so comfy and they were for rent.


I saw so so many cars with Dutch license plates and boats under Dutch flags on the French Riviera. Any special reason for that? Saint Tropez was basically crowded with Germans and Dutchies, I just don’t get why exactly these nationalities love to come here.




Streets of Saint Tropez


Guess they’re on their way to one happy customer.



I really love how art galleries are really popular and modern here on the Cote d’Azur. You can find many small boutiques that sell art, especially sculptures and decor stuff. I went into a very specific and modern one, which I will dedicate a separate blog post to.


Artsy boutique.




Pet fashion store!




Armand de Brignac – give me all of them!



Just some random little grocery store selling all things Moet.




Hotel de Paris.

According to my mom this police station was really famous for being in many old French movies. She was raving about it and took like 500 pictures of it, sadly I couldn’t really share her excitement as I never watched or heard of any of the movies.

Back in the port of Nice.



Some quick snaps from the boat.


La Pizza Cresci

After our long journey back we went for a quick dinner to La Pizza Cresci on the pedestrian street, like 150m from our hotel. This pizzeria is famous for its characteristically French furniture and architecture, but also for its half-moon shaped pizza. It was really delicious and the service was fast and friendly.