Boutiques in Saint Tropez

No place in the world is home to as many little boutiques as Saint Tropez. This little town hosts the most interesting stores and most extravagant selection of couture. Boutiques are a significant part of the whole French Riviera, so there’s no doubt Saint Tropez does not live up to this aesthetic. This post is really picture heavy, so be prepared.

Chanel’s main presence in Saint Tropez

All the major labels are situated in extravagant and well-kept buildings. I thinkt he city of Saint Tropez makes takes excellent care of all their buildings and makes sure the architecture remains French. Very few more modern places can be spotted, but they all fit into the delicate style of Cote d’Azur interior and exterior style.

I literally had like 5 seconds to pose as there were so many people who wanted a pic on the stairs.

Chanel, Hermes and Dior also have mini botanical gardens around their estates.

Rue Francois Sibilli is home to all the major designers and also smaller boutiques selling streetwear and more contemporary clothing lines. Even though this is probably one of their main shopping streets, the area appears really calm and typically French.

Some vintage Hermes Kellys waiting for their new owner. 

Told you, every clock here is a Rolex.

Considering fashion and accessories, Saint Tropez has the wildest things to offer. I really wanted to buy so many pieces but I know it’s something you can’t wear here in conservative Austria. I feel like every time I go on vacation I dress like a different person and feel more independent when choosing my clothing… just me or do more people feel like that?

You can basically find a Rolex dealership around every corner.

Just Cavalli Cafe was looking kind of lonely and sad… I don’t know maybe it wasn’t opened yet (didn’t walk close enough to see) but there really were not a lot of people. Kind of weird how I loved Cavalli Club in Milano but I honestly wasn’t even interested in this Cavalli Cafe.

I don’t know man… the dad-shoe trend is just not for me. I feel like you can only pull this off if you have size 36, anything bigger than that just makes your foot look like it belongs to Hulk. Aside from that I think it’s kind of wrong that high end labels are making their products look “poor” on purpose to look cool and understated. I mean… poor people have no other choice. I guess that’s fashion’s take on gentrification so yeah, just rich people things I guess.

Finally saw a Zimmermann store in real life lol.

See, I love every single item in this shopping window – but when would I ever wear this at home? IU have like 20 items sitting in my clothing I only bought for vacation, probably never worn and still with the tags on. I swear my life goal is to live in a warmer climate during winter – because I actually love Austrian summer – and be able to be free in my choices of clothing. I felt the same way on Ibiza last summer. No one really cares about how you dress, you can just throw on anything you feel comfortable in and go. In Austria, I wear jeans and a sweater 90% of the time, 9 months of the year.

Anyway the pants look cool as hell and the dress is gorgeous.

This was just a random little boutique on the main shopping street and just take a long look at the selection of brands they carry. You name it, they have it. I spend hours and hours on the internet looking for Off-White tees and Vetements hoodies and guess what – in Saint Tropez you can just go for a stroll and get your fit. Life is unfair.

Is D&G even still relevant?

Apparently the Tarte Tropezienne is like very iconic for the region and you should definitely try it. Well, I would have if the line inside would not have been like 10m long.

Fav store EVER.

A big trend on the Cote d’Azur right now are white dresses, preferably flowy ones that have lots of ruffly layers. Every boutique had a nice selection of them, and what I like is that most of them just come in one size fits all, simply because, well, one size really fits all. Also, this makes shopping a whole lot easier.

I love how most women here also dress very accordingly to the most recent trends. I feel like especially French and Russian women put a lot of effort and thought in their looks here, which I think can be a really good thing. In Austria I feel like most girls rely heavily on H&M basic… and putting more effort into looks is seen as something vain and not neccessary.

White girl heaven. 

Random pic of me in from of one of the many boutiques, just to close this post off.