Art Life Gallery Saint Tropez

This art gallery was my personal highlight of my trip to Saint Tropez. I am really interested in art and the recent development of artists in fashion (cough cough Virgil Abloh), so I guess just by the first pic used in this post you can tell where this is going.

We came across this little art gallery by coincidence as we strolled through the shopping alleys of Saint Tropez. Art Life Gallery is situated in a little court inside an old building (as you can see the little tunnel walkway leading back onto the main street).

I really don’t know whether this genre of art has a name yet, but I really like this type of art and label mockery. Mixing poor and rich into one item has become a big trend in fashion right now (dad-shoe trend!) and I guess it’s in the sense of pop-art. Of course, the questions remains whether this can be considered art in any way – but that question comes up in any art discussion anyway.

I love how the sales assisstant was so calm and non-judging. I feel like in many luxury stores you feel surveyed like in prison and don’t even dare to walk in. This gallery was nothing like that. She was very friendly and informed me about the gallery. I was even allowed to take pictures which is not always permitted. Generally, I love the French shopping vibes – the assisstants will just leave you alone and not watch your every move.

I am definitely planning on buying some art in the future and galleries like this one really give me inspiration and make me believe that art is becoming more and more trendy and accepted as investment items. Maybe I won’t start right away with the Supreme skateboard but there sure is a first time for everything.

Art Life Gallerie’s Site