Review: Aquazzura Amazon Sandals

A few years back I purchased the infamous Kylie Jenner strappy heels not only because I was very much into the whole Kylie-look but also because I wanted to own my first pair of designer heels. As I know that people love to read reviews before spending big money on shoes, here’s my honest opinion on the Aquazzura Amazon Sandals.

Look: I feel like these shoes make every outfit look ten times bolder. I feel like they don’t give off the classic sexy-heel look as the straps make them more of a street-style thing.

Aquazzura Amazon Sandals in Black Leather

Comfort: Let’s be real, heels are just not comfortable. The arch on the Amazon sandals is very high and there’s no platform at all, which makes them very uncomfortable. Personally, I can’t wear them for more than three hours because the front part of my foot just starts hurting so bad. However, the straps give you enough hold to be able to walk well in them.

Durability: I think these sandals really keep their shape for a long time, considering they basically just consist of leather straps.

Are they worth the price? Well, I think that’s a question everyone has to answer for themselves. Personally, I think 565€ for designer sandals is a good price and the fact that they are very durable and the leather is just exquisite justifies the money to me.

Where to get them? I got mine in 2017 on the Aquazzura website for 565€. I honestly do not know whether they are even still available on there.

What are your thoughts on the Aquazzura Amazon Sandals?