Le Galet Beach Club Nice

Le Galet is one of the more modern beach clubs in Nice. They offer full service, from sunloungers to a restaurant. We spent a full day here and really enjoyed it.

I’m not sure if you can see that I basically have an intense rash all over my chest and shoulders here, I think the filter really did a great job at blurring it out. Sadly, the rash got worse and worse, and I had to get some cooling bags at the end of the day to cool it off. 
No sunscreen or after-sun remedy could heal it, but I finally found a way to prevent it better. I take calcium supplements starting about a week before a trip, and it really does the job!
These sunbeds on the first two rows were more expensive and honestly not worth it to me… I mean you can’t even recline them and they’re kind of small for two people. Regular sunloungers were like 20 euros for a day, additionally you can get towels and an umbrella for like 6 euros.