Dinner In Santorini – Argo Restaurant

Here’s a little post about our first Dinner in Greece.

Being a quite large group of eight very hungry people I knew I had to organize something before our trip, as even the best places do not usually have tables this size. I went on Tripadvisor and Google Reviews for a few hours and found Argo Restaurant, which is situated right in the heart of Fira. I wrote them an email via their contact form and they quickly responded, giving me detailed information about which ways they can provide for a group of eight. They gave us a nice big table on their highest terrace, which is perfectly shielded from the sun. Thank God we went for that, because the deep-setting Cycladic sun can give you a sunburn even while eating.
View onto another restaurant.


The view was perfect.


Cheers to our Vacay.


Greek salad.


Platter for two.
The food was phenomenal. I shared a big platter with a guy and we couldn’t finish it because it was just too much. It was basically an assortment of grilled meats accompanied with the crispiest fries and dipping sauces of all kinds. The pita bread on top was so delicious.
My retinas were lasered but I’m still near-sighted.


Honestly, this place is perfect for any occasion and any group. Whether you’re a couple or a large group, the waiters are friendly and helpful when choosing your dishes and drinks. I really can’t thank myself enough for picking it.