One Night in Santorini


As the ferry schedules around the Cycladic Islands are less then convenient, we were more or less ‘forced’ to spend a night in Santorini. This little island attracts people of all nations from around the globe and I finally understand why. There truly is hardly any place on this earth that is more romantic, scenic and offers the best lighting ever. Santorini is white and so were most of our clothing for this short stay.

Santorini Sunset.


V Lounge Santorini.


We had a really strict schedule for this quick stay and went for dinner at Argo Restaurant first, which I will dedicate a separate post to, and then enjoyed the sunset at V Lounge. I really was smart to make reservations for both of them online months before our trip. Basically, the whole island is fully booked during summer. It is relatively easy to get a table for two, but considering we were a group of eight it was necessary to secure a nice spot.


The drinks there were quite pricey but so worth the overall experience they offer. V Lounge really is the best place to watch the Sunset because they have glass infinity windows (or whatever the correct term is, like you just look through without any fence or whatsoever).


Casual posing again and again and again.



It is amazing to see how much this little town lights up during night and I got kind of jealous seeing all the hot tubs and infinity pools in the private villas shimmer.
This post is the first of about a tsunami of a hundred about my whole trip to Greece so brace yourselves.