I’m in Ios Baby!

…Mylapotas Beach to be more specific. So after a chaotic ferry ride we made it to the island, and we were not disappointed.

After arriving at the hotel and changing, we went down to eat at a place called Seven Eleven – yes, just like the trashy US convenience store chain. Ios has a really strong international influence compared to the other Greek islands. They have dishes like spaghetti and burgers at almost any restaurant. Somehow I was glad about that because Greek food really is not my favorite. 

After that, we made our way to FarOut Beach Club to chill for a bit before the party starts and check out Mylapotas Beach. I love the fact that it was not too crowded and you could swim wherever you pleased. Apparently Greek people like their dogs a lot and even drag them along to the beach, which I think is cool. 

Mylapotas Beach is insanely clean considering it is the busiest beach of the island. Everyone here is really laid back and it’s incredibly easy to strike up a conversation with any stranger around. The beach also offers various water sports activities. Most of the staff around there is Australian, which makes it a lot easier to communicate (even though Aussie accents can be hard to fully comprehend).
Anyway, I have about what feels like thousand posts about this little island coming up so be prepared. In a nutshell Ios is party, beach and open-mindedness.