Out and About at FarOut

This place is loose. FarOut Beach Club is notoriously known for converting from regular daytime beach hangout and restaurant to bumping EDM club at night. I guess as you can tell from the pics, I really enjoyed my stay.

On regular days there are no entrance fees, you can just walk in and sit down at any spot you like. They have hammocks and pillows next to the pool. In my opinion, they should set up some more sunloungers as not everyone wants to lie on the ground.
Sadly, I really don’t have a lot of proper pictures from when the party really got going, simply because I wanted to enjoy the moment and not be on my phone all the time.
Basically, the parties at FarOut start at around 5 or 6 pm depending on whether it’s a special event or not. Regardless, they play a variety of EDM and chart hits.
The only thing that really bothers me in Greece is that they switch songs so quickly. A song will be played for a minute at max and they they transition to the next one. Like come on, I am trying to have a party and not a heart attack!
The crowd is – what a surprise – mainly Australian and some northern or central European nations. I honestly kind of liked the fact that there were hardly any Austrians around… I don’t know bit I love using Austrian dialect as my ‘secret language’ and do not only want to hear and see people from Austria when I am on vacation. I guess that’s a very Austrian thing.
Anyway back to FarOut: I’m kind of sad about the fact that we missed Will Sparks by one day… tough luck I guess. Good thing Aussies love coming to Europe for some reason.
Pic from around 3pm, the tent is where the parties are


Lounging area of the club.
Across the street you will find FarOut’s beach area, where you can get a sunlounger for the day for about 10 euros. That might seem a lot to some but comparing it to the 30 euros on average in Nice, this really is a steal.
Again, the entire venue is really clean – yes, even the bathrooms. I really don’t know how they do it, but I assume it is also the people who go there that don’t really leave trash lying around. No One throws cups on the ground and all that – even at the beach! I really think that’s cool and something I have hardly seen anywhere else in the world.
FarOut also has a restaurant, which serves all types of food and is insanely cheap. I got a big plate of spaghetti for 8 euros only.
Bus ride home.
FarOut is the last stop on the local buses. The ride there is 1.80 euros, which is insanely cheap to me.
What you might want to bring to FarOut is a towel, a cap or hat to shield yourself from the sun and a belt bag (most convenient thing ever).