Pathos Sunset Lounge in Ios, Greece

Pathos Sunset Lounge really lives up to its name when the low Cycladic sun sets over Ios. The venue is beach club, restaurant, bar and night club all at the same time.

We went there with a larger group of people, meaning that we got a table and drinks for about 20 euros each. As it was already the end of summer season the place was not fully booked and it was easier to move around.


The large infinity pool is one of its kind. The smaller half-island in the background is apparently the home of the billionaire who owns about half of Ios – or at least that’s what one of the Australians working on Ios told me. I was kind of wary to believe this but it seems true to some news sites. I was interested in whether the locals actually like the fact that he is pushing tourism on this small island and, according to the Aussie guy, they do.
I am somewhat glad that I got to enjoy the island before it transforms itself to a trendy hotspot island in Europe. I feel like Mykonos and Ibiza have made this transformation ever since about the early 2010s, and it’s so interesting to see that they become popular every 10 years or so.


Anyway back to Pathos: As you can see the place is basically made out of many small stairs and sitting areas. When you’ve had a few drinks you really have to be careful not to trip and fall because you can easily drop up to 3 meters down.
At Pathos you start off with a few drinks and chill in your area. As time goes on they really pump up the sound system and get the party going.
As the sun starts to set they play really dramatic classical music, and everyone gets their phones out to take a pic.



In a matter of seconds they change from dramatic sunset music to clubby basslines. This place really manages to strika a perfect balance between beachclub, restaurant, club and lounge.



As you can see here, everyone starts dancing on the mosaic sitting areas. The area down there was really crowded and I only went there for a few minutes because it was so dense.



All in all, I think Pathos Sunset Lounge is the perfect spot to watch the sunset in Ios.