Final Dinner in Ios – Katogi Taverna

We spent our very last evening at this place called Katogi Taverna, which is famous for serving Greek tapas. As I think I’ve said before, I am not the biggest fan of Greek food but this dinner had me re-evalute my opinion. Every single aspect of their cuisine was perfection – from the overall atmosphere and style of the place to the way the food was presented and curated.

I really like the concept of tapas – sharing and getting to pick different dishes definitely is for people like me who have a hard time choosing one dish only.



I couldn’t really manage to take a lot of pics during our stay there as I was, well, busy eating. We even took a timelapse with my GoPro to use in our little Ios aftermovie, but sadly the light was very dim, so I can’t really use any footage for food pics. Sucks.
We had loads of different Greek tapas: a selection of starter spreads, Tzatziki, dumplings in cream sauce, chicken stir fry, and of course an abundance of Pita bread! My favorite dish was the fried cheese you can see in the upper pic on the right side. Being a cheese lover, my expectations were high but it was so worth it.

Katogi Taverna was the best choice for our final dinner in Ios. Now writing about it I feel kind of sentimental thinking about the fun times I had there with my friends. I never thought this squad holiday would happen in first place (it was a lot of work to organize and we did it all by ourselves), but now I am grateful for having spent quality time at a place that is not overhyped yet. I guess these are the type of trips that will always stay on your mind and in 20 years I will look back at all the pics and maybe shed a tear of nostalgia.