My 23rd Birthday


On September 20th I turned 23 and I am happy to say that I have never been so content with my life and have never felt better in my own skin. I feel the older I get the more centered I feel and the more I know what I want. Nowadays, it is really hard to find your path in life as there are simply so so many options and ways to choose from. I know I am not at the finish line nor will I ever be; life is a process and it is important to keep on striving for your goals.


Anyway, on to some less philosophical thoughts: I went for a nice birthday lunch with my family at one of my favorite places in Linz, Pianino. The offer a wide selection of dishes, ranging from local Austrian to more exclusive cosmopolitan food.



I went for the scallops accompanied by potato puree and they were excellent. For dessert I had the Powidlpofesen, which is basically French Toast but a thousand times better and with ice cream. Hope your birthdays will be as fine as mine this year!