What I Got For My Birthday 2018

Happy Birthday to me.

The older I get the more I wish for nothing materialistic on my birthday. That is for two reasons: number one being I simply own everything, or at lest everything I need and a whole lot more than that. Secondly, I honestly like buying all my possessions by myself and for myself. I know this sounds very egoistic, but this way I actually get what I really want and don’t have to act like I like a present. I know, I’m petty.

Anyway here’s what I got for my 23rd birthday. Just a disclaimer: by no means do I want to brag with all the stuff I got, I just want to share it. Here we go:
Basically, my family went to the US during summer break and my mom raided Sephora for me – with a list that I gave her beforehand, of course.
Starting with a rather random assortment of make up and perfumes, I guess you can tell I am all about the sophisticated nude lip look and expressive lashes paired with a signature scent.
Pure bliss for my dry skin.
I got two big tubes of the fresh soy face cleanser because it truly is my favorite face wash ever and you can’t really get it anywhere in Europe. Sometimes I see some offers circulating around Amazon but I feel kind of wary about that. The Kiehl’s mask is my savior after a night out and I use the Evian brumisateurs to freshen up during the day and especially on holiday.
Holy Grail
Yes, I know – I am late to the trend but when it comes to beauty products in a price range like this I like to wait for credible reviews to make the round and tell me whether it’s worth it or not.
I know this is kind of off-topic but have you already heard about Urban Decay discontinuing their iconic Naked 1 palette?! The end of an era if you ask me.
All the colors in daylight.
The colors in this palette are all nude but on the rather warm side, which is good because it makes my face look less harsh and especially in winter helps make you look less worn-out and pale.
Prepped for the rest of 2018.
When it comes to highlighters and primers, I think I am now fully stocked until 2022. I wanted a lot of Becca stuff because it is always sold out at my local beauty supply store and there’s no chance I could have ever gotten my hands on the most wanted highlighters.
Swarovski M.
Last but not least I got this little charm from Swarovski. I honestly think Swarovski has amped up their collection a lot over the past few years. Back in the day the brand had the connotation of being tacky and for older ladies. Now they adapt to trends and appeal to the younger generations as well, which is a big rejuvenation for the dusty brand.
The charm is part of their Remix collection, meaning I can mix it with other charms and put it onto any of their chains.
Haute Mess.
Anyway, my make up and skincare is now fully stocked until 2019; guess there is no better way to start my 23rd years on earth. Cheers!