Daytrip to Vienna – Belvedere

I went for a daytrip to beautiful Vienna with a friend of mine, as she had to get some documents from a notary. The weather was great that day, that’s how I like my fall!

One thing I love about Vienna is that no matter where you go, you’ll have the perfect background for Instagram – at least in the first district.

We went for a quick lunch at Figlmüller, which is a really notorious place to get a Schnitzel. Figlmüller is both touristy and a spot for locals, so if you get the chance to drop by do it. As you can see the Schnitzel there is huge. I had a Cordon Bleu which was basically just as big but just folded.


Afterwards we ubered to the Belvedere, which is a beautiful old palace that is home to an art museum. Klimt is among their most famous exhibition pieces, along with many other impressive works of Imperial art.





The classical pieces showcased at Belvedere are truly impressive. I think it’s incredible how they survived through centuries and still look brand new.

Afterwards we had a little coffee break.


Klimt’ The Kiss was probably one of the most famous pieces at Belvedere; nonetheless, I think that all the art showcased was worth the visit.