Höhenrausch 2018

One of my best mates and I decided to check out this year’s Höhenrausch in my hometown. The Höhenrausch is basically an annual art exhibition by various artists and genres to celebrate a theme that changes every year. this year’s theme was water (officially “Das andere Ufer” which translates to “The other shore”). Most of the art displayed is somewhat sculptural and implies some interaction with the viewer.

Most art exhibits in my town do not really attract me because I don’t find the artists interesting or the art just doesn’t really seem exciting to me. Höhenrausch’s purpose on the other hand is not mainly of artistic focus, it is probably Linz’ biggest tourist attraction in Summer. Höhenrausch leaves a lot of creative space for the artists themselves as attractiveness o the general public.

The top floor, where the major attraction – a flying ship made of metal beams – is has an area for kids to play in. I really like their approach to art because it’s very accessible and excitable for the majority of people.

Overlooking Linz.


Generally I’d say Höhenrausch is definitely worth a visit in Summer if you have an interest in art but also like not having to think about it too much. I know, kind of a controversial statement but that’s what it is.