Artsy at Oslo’s Nasjonalmuseet

Believe it or not, I really like visiting art galleries and museums on vacation. It’s no surprise visiting Oslo’s main art museum was a solid part of my tourist antics there. I feel like many younger people are starting to appreciate art more these days – whether it be traditional or digital. Maybe, but just maybe, memes might play a big role in this (if you’ve seen my Oslo highlight reel on Instagram you sure know what I’m talking about).

Anyway, here’s some impressions from the Nasjonalmuseet:



Oh yeah and by the way, if you are an art student you can go there for free! We all asked for the student’s ticket and the clerk asked each of us what exactly we study. First I thought he just wanted to check whether we tried to trick him into thinking we are actual students as if we were not, turns out we could have gotten in there for free. Sadly, we were a nice mixture of English, economics and communication studies. Bummer.


Cheers mate!





I am truly amazed how the artists managed to perfectly capture scenes and facial expressions as if they had juts been photographed. I always wonder what the circumstances of the painting process must have been like.


Norways Nasjonalmuseet is definitely a nice way to spend the afternoon, and even for people who are not too much into art. They also display furniture from different periods, all linked to Norways history. I really enjoyed my visit!