Review: Isabel Marant Bekett Wedge Sneakers

I know, I know… this shoe has probably been reviewed a million times already but I also want to give it my two cents. This shoe has become a staple item to me as it manages to transform any outfit into a more sturdy and streetwear ready look.

Disclaimer: this post was not sponsored. I purchased the shoes from my own funds and all the mentioned opinions are mine.

Keep on reading for my thoughts on the Bekett Wedge Sneaker!

The Packaging

The shoes came in a really big box with loads of stuffing a cute dustbag. I got mine off Mytheresa so the packaging might vary.


I got my pair for €410 off Mytheresa, which I think is a steal for major designer shoes. The Isabel Marant wedges have been around for a whole while now, I think they first popped up in 2010 and are still seen all over Instagram and on the street. The pricing has not changed a lot since then.

The Isabel Marant Bekett Wedge Sneakers in black suede.


These are honestly as true to size as it gets. I am a 39 in all my Zara shoes and the size is the same in the Isabel Marant range. Don’t be confused by the ‘Italian’ sizing, just pick the size you always get.


Honestly, I think these are way more comfortable than most sneakers – my Adidas Stan Smiths are definitely less comfy. The toe box on the wedges is super soft and bends so easily without having to walk them in at all.

The heel is just the perfect height to be worn during the day and even during the night. My feet start hurting just a little when I wear them for longer than like 5 hours or so, which is normal to me (maybe I’m just a total wuss).


I’ve worn them for about a year now, mainly during winter and fall. There are almost no signs of wear, I feel like maybe the overall appearance of the shoe has gotten a little less sturdy, which was to be expected as the leather is really soft. I feel like I’ve just walked them in. Aside from that there really are no signs of wear and tear.

Anyway, here’s some close up shots of the shoes:

Where To Get Them

As these shoes have been proven to be a staple streetwear item for the past decade, the prices are roughly the same at any retailer and they are easy to get online. Here’s some sites you can get them off:

I got my pair off Mytheresa and I was insanely pleased with their packaging and the speed of delivery. I live in Austria, so maybe shipping from Italy really is not that much of a big deal considering the distance, but they took less than two days to arrive if I remember correctly. Sometimes Mytheresa even has colored version of the Bekett on sale, but I prefer to stick to the classics.

2019 Update

Honestly, there’s not much to add to my review! I’m still really pleased with the look and the durability of this shoe. I also feel like the wedge sneakers are making a comeback, or they are just a great add-on to the overall sneaker trend in fashion right now.

My doggo is not impressed by the shoes 🙁

What are your thoughts on the Isabel Marant Bekett Wedge Sneaker?

2020 Update

I’m still totally satisfied with these shows and there’s not much to add really. However, I decided to take some new shots of them to show how well they hold their shape and still look brand new. Also, the shots I took years back on my iPhone 7 no longer live up to my expectations of proper images.
I don’t baby them in any way, the winter months here are actually quite rough on your shoes due to rain, snow and salt. As you can see the leather is not damaged at all, there’s only a little dust on the velour parts of the toe cap because I haven’t been wearing them a lot this year (well, due to obvious reasons).

I recently made a quick video of me wearing the sneakers. Enjoy!