Sunny Day in Salzburg

Yesterday was a really sunny day so we decided to do some sightseeing in good old Mozart-town. I haven’t really seen that many sights in Salzburg up close because for us locals it’s just way too crowded with (mainly Asian) tourists, but this time we had anice stroll through Schloss Mirabell.


We also took our dog along, as canines are allowed in the Mirabell garden.


As you can tell by what I’m wearing it was freezing that day! The sun was out but the wind was going strong, so we did not spend that much time walking around the garden.

Aside from that, the garden is always crowded with tourist groups. It’s mostly Sound of Music tours that have their route through the Mirabell property, and honestly I think they are the most annoying breed of tourists out there. I’ve never seen the movie but know the plot and main characters simply because American tourists won’t shut up about it. It’s sad to see how they only see Salzburg through The Sound of Music and show no interest in experiencing any local traditions or just not make fun of them…

Anyway the garden offers some great spots to take photos too! So I of course tried to make the most out of my faux-fur look.