Reminiscing Prom

Last week I went to my high school’s prom, which is one of the biggest school proms of my hometown. In Austria you usually go back to your school’s prom after graduation to chat with your teachers and meet old classmates. In my case I went with my friends from school that I am still close with.Facetune_17-11-2018-12-41-25.JPGMy schools prom is held in a very opulent venue, which really makes you feel like you’re at the Opera Ball.

Prom culture here is very different from the American/UK/AUS proms – it even feels wrong to use the word ‘prom’ for it but some meaning is always lost in translation I guess. In Austria, prom is something rather serious and formal, with all your friends and family attending too. There’s also some type of programs and activities (dances, photobooths, buffets, some smaller bars…) and the school balls are almost always held in exclusive venues, unless your school is really far from any proper city. All guests are required to wear evening wear, i.e. a suit for guys or a gown for ladies.

I think it’s interesting to see how with some of your classmates you stay friends for ages and some seem to vanish the day after garduation. I remember it was really hard for me to realize I was just friends with some because I saw them five days a week… Anyway, I’m still glad for all these experiences and glad that my school offers a great community of alumni and teachers.Facetune_17-11-2018-12-16-11.JPGI also love looking back at old pictures and see how my fashion has changed. This year’s fit was just a flowery Zara dress and my staple sandals. The clutch was vintage by my mom dating back to the 80s. Anyone else find it really hard to walk on carpet in heels?IMG_2535I still live for this look to be honest! I remember ordering the dress online and hoping it would fit – it was only 70€ or so and I did not want to buy anything more expensive than 100€. I remember a lot of girls would spend 200+€ on very basic ballgowns and had to spend an additional 100€ on tailoring. The hair was perfection and I had it done at my favorite salon that day. My make up was not really the best ever, but I’m glad my skills evolved ever since. I can’t believe this was back in 2013!IMG_2714Compared to my smokey rose look from last Friday, I really made a lot of progress when it comes to make up!