Instagram’s New Profile Layout 2019: What You Should Know

“You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone…” is not only a famous line in a really catchy song, but apparently also Instagram’s motto when it comes to a feature that has defined its look and concept ever since the photo-based app launched in 2010.

Instagram just recently started to change the appearance of the profile section, rearranging the user’s profile picture and follower count. As with every change in social media, the opinions about it differ a lot.


The follower count is no longer where it had been for the past 8 years, which is due to Instagram wanting to put the user into focus and making it a less numbers-based community. For 8 long years, these numbers would be the first thing we see when going on a profile and instantly made us judge the user’s value by them. These times are over, as the first thing we see now is the user themselves, the numbers have become a side note.

So what does this change mean for the Instagram community?

I think the most important change is how we will stop going by our follower count so much. It no longer is my focus and I can already tell how I feel less obliges to please my followers. I feel like I have less pressure in competing and therefore feel more independent when it comes to my posts.

On the other hand, for all the influencer marketing that has been going on this might not be a favourable change. Follower count was an easy measure of putting your market value in numbers. It is of course still there but no longer in the user’s focus. Anyhow, the monetary side of Instagram will surely manage to make the most of this situation.


Whether you like it or not, Instagram really has put some effort into its looks and over the past years shifted to a more minimalistic and professional look. And yes, that is my old account from like five years ago, a real blast from the past. Taking a look at these old screenshots really makes you aware of how much this app has changed since the beginning and how it’s gone from simply sharing snaps with friends to carefully curated feeds. Instagram has become a staple social media platform, complete with business profiles and monetary options, and all that in just 8 years.

Update November 2018

Instagram moved the layout back to its previous state, as many people disliked it.

Update April 2019

Ok, Instagram is trying to force the new profile layout upon us again. Honestly, I’m not sure whether this time they will succeed…

How do you like the new layout?