How To: Keep Your Closet Organized

It’s not like we don’t have anything to wear… we just have too much we don’t wear! Everyone has those few things in their closet that they just don’t wear, which is perfectly normal. If you are anything like me, you might come to the conclusion that you have more things you don’t wear than things you do wear. And that means it’s time for a serious intervention.

Over the past few months I have been trying to declutter the bottomless abyss I call my closet and organize it in an efficient way. I’ve resented to some rules that are very simple but effective

1. Sell What You Don’t Wear

For some reason I feel like I’m throwing away money when I throw away clothing. So I’ve succesfully managed to trick my psyche and make some money by selling my ‘old’ (none of my stuff is old lol) clothing on local selling platforms. In my area, I found shpock to be the most convenient way to get rid of old belongings as it sorts all the content by distance and relevance. At first I was really wary of such sites but it works well and I have not experienced any scam-like situations (yet).

2. Use the Hanger Method

I really don’t know whether this is a real method or I’ve just invented it. The hanger method basically consists of turning the top parts of your hanger facing to the front and hanging them back facing the back once you’ve worn the item. This way you can easily tell whether you use it a lot or whether it just takes up space in your closet.

3. No! Impulse! Buys!

Impulse purchases are the reason our closets are full of things we don’t wear. Lower prices create the feeling of ‘saving’ money, when in reality you loose money and space. I really only buy items I am 100% sure of I will wear. I know this sounds hard to some, but it’s a habit after all, and it takes time and persistance to change it.

4. Sort Your Clothes According to Occasion

I used to be someone who sorted their clothing accroding to color. Considering the fact that I hardly wear any colors, I switched to sorting according to item type and occasion. This way it’s easier to manage space and see what you have too much of. For example, your formal wear section should not be larger than your everyday workwear section.

5. Preserve your clothing well

I really don’t know how to phrase this, but what I basically want to say is moths will show up without an invitation. You can clean as much as you want, these little flying creatures will come along to eat your favorite blouse. Moth prevention things are available at any drugstore, so get them.

I hope this helps and gets all your closets organized!