My Top 5 Instagram Editing Apps of 2018

Instagram is a place of content of all kinds and purposes, but there is one thing they all have in common: editing. Unless you have the mindset of a mid-40s soccer mom and still use Instagrams own half-heartedly pre-made filterpack, chances are you have already checked out the App Store for some more fulfilling editing apps.

Keep in mind that editing apps change just as much as Instagram (and its algorithm) does! Years ago, I would love to use Whitagram to be able to put a full size picture in the square shape, but ever since they decided to allow different frames without cutting off half of it, I no longer find myself using it.

The apps I use are for multiple purposes: color correction, filter packs, themes, frames and text tools for Instagram stories… I like to keep it versatile and stick with few apps that are easy to use and have proven to be helpful for a longer period of time.

Over the years, I have found my personal favorites of editing apps for Instagram and in this post I want to share them with you!

1. Preview App

Preview is my holy grail of Instagram editing apps.

I know everyone loves VSCO, but I’ve tried it multiple times and we just can’t get along. Preview, on the other hand, had my heart the moment I dowloaded it. The filterpacks they offer show about the same styles and color arrangements as VSCO, but they are a one-payment only thing (as far as I know, VSCO requires a membership and subscription by now). Preview offers a grid layout that lets you arrange your posts, which makes it incredibly easy to develop a theme for yourself.

Use it for: applying filters to photos, previewing the layout

Price: free, but some filter packs cost a few Euros

2. Unfold

This app is my favorite for Instagram Stories, as it offers just the style I’m looking for. Unfold itself is free, some filter and frame packs cost extra though. Anyhow, the default pack is pretty and versatile enough to fit a lot of styles. For some reason though the app is entirely in Russian (maybe just on my phone?!), which might make it a challenge to some but luckily I took an elective in Russian language. College does pay off in the end!

Use it for: pre-making stories, especially ones that require more text

Price: free, but some layouts cost a few Euros (worth it though)


3. Facetune

The notorious app that everyone uses, but no one admits they do…

Facetune itself is not bad, it’s what you do with it!

Ever since the Kardashians discovered it, most halfway famous girls on the Gram have been seen flat-ironing their skin and removing (or adding) that extra inch on their waist. I’m going to be honest here, I use it to blur out cellulite on my legs, which is probably the part on my body that I feel most insecure about. I like to keep it to a minimum though, as Facetune can easily make your images look artificial.


Use it for: blurring out imperfections, lightening up certain areas, highlighting details

Price: 3.99€


4. Kira Kira

Kira Kira adds sparkle to all your images and videos, as can be seen in many make up related posts. You can use it for both posts and stories, as you can easily adjust the amout of glitter you want. I guess I don’t really have to make any more points to buy this app, as glitter is enough of a convincing argument already. I use this one for stories mostly, as it makes everything a little more dramatic and special.


Use it for: adding sparkples to posts and stories

Price: 0.99€



Snow is a really versatile augmented reality camera app, ranging from instant vintage effects to snapchat-like bunny ears. The app is used a lot in Korea, which should already tell you that it works flawlessly and fast. Most of the face filters enhance your features according to Asian beauty standards though, i.e. paler skin and tinted lips. I guess it’s something you either like or don’t like, but SNOW has a lot more to offer.

Use it for: making your stories more unique

Price: free!


Anyway, those were my top five Instagram editing apps of 2018. I hope you found some inspiration and got some ideas for your posts. Have fun editing!