Logomania: The Reinvention of the High Fashion World

Logos in fashion have never been more present than today, except maybe for the dark ages of the early 00’s. All the high fashion houses as well as many relevant streetwear labels can be seen embracing their brand identity by logos. 

For the past ten years, logos were a sign of a pathetic want-to-be-seen rather than pure expression of self confidence by the brand.

Just take a look at Louis Vuitton’s Monogram for example: this logo is more than just two overlapping letters. It is the heart and soul of the brand, carrying its history as well as stylistic features in it. During the late 00’s and early 10’s though, it was seen as tacky and cheap. If you take a look at Louis Vuitton’s recent collection though, the incorporation of the logo is a staple feature of most items.

The notorious LV x Supreme Collection

Gucci and Fendi have jumped on the bandwagon too, and transformed into brands aimed at a younger audience by incorporating their logos in a playful way. Gucci has turned from sophisticated Tom Ford sleekness to a colorful and vintage-inspired look.

Gucci Spring 2018

Another big invention is the use of designer’s logos in other brands’ items. Instagram is full of artists who will willingly cut Goyard canvas to use as straps and pieces for Vans sneakers.

Anyway, brands have logos for a reason, and that is recognition. Whether it’s a phase in which logos are liked or not, the brand is recognized and gains exposure. In a world of fast-sharing media platforms, this is a brilliant marketing strategy. So my guess is that this is not so much of a trend, but also a well planned strategy to advertise the brand.