Review: Chanel’s Touche de Teint Belle Mine Foundation

For the past five years I have been a steady user of Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua foundation and generally a big fan of their make up range. Ever since my skin has become even drier and I wanted a foundation that is more convenient to use I’ve been dying to try the Touche de Teint Belle Mine Foundation from Chanel’s Les Beiges range.

How do you use the foundation?

I really just use my knock-off beauty blender or even just the little sponge it came with to gently dab the gel around my whole face, focusing on the area around my eyes and nose. I hardly ever dab more than three times into the cushion, because a little really goes a long way (just like with the Vitalumiere foundation).

What comes with the packaging?

Inside the sturdy compact (it is very thick and chunky to be honest) you will find a high-quality sponge (don’t be fooled by its cheap looks). Then you open up the actual compact and find a very interesting cushion. It almsot feels like a little balloon filled with water. The net on top gives off just enough product.IMG_3538.JPGIMG_3541The area around the compact gets really messy, but I think it’s because I haven’t used a lot of it yet.

The product is inside a cushion that has a very fine net on top.
Which look does it give?

I’d say it defnitely perfects the ‘no make up’ make up. It evens out your complexion rather than covering it, my freckles are still visible. This really doesn’t look like foundation, it is more like a layer of your own skin but better. The finish is a little dewy, but nothing too fancy.

As you can see in the pictures underneath, the difference is subtle but it really just evens out my redness and under eye area.

What’s the shade range like?

Honestly, I think I can use one hand only to count the available shades. As always, Chanel does not offer many shades and undertone differentiations, but I really don’t think it’s necessary either. The shades are very forgiving, the spread out to highlight your skin’s own shade. I use the shade B30, for reference I am usually a MAC NC25 or Laura Mercier ‘Bisque’.

Which skin types is it suitable for?

I will defnitely say that this works extremely well with my super-dry skin. The texture of the gel feels really light and not like make up at all. To me, it really just feels like a subtle moisturizer on my skin. However, I think even oilier skin types could wear it though, as it is so light.

How long does it last?

On my face, the foundation lasts throughout the whole day without changing much in appearance. It will come off lightly around my nose though, but I just tend to have a runny nose and use tissues all the time. I have yet to encounter a foundation that can last through my endless sneezing.

Is it worth the price?

To me, it’s defnitely worth it. I want a foundation that moisturizes my skin and feels like I’m wearing nothing at all. I also look for a natural, dewy finish and Chanel manages to perfectly capture this look with their whole Les Beiges range. So, if you’re into a ‘no make up’-make up, this is the one for you!

Where can I buy it?
  • Marionnaud 60€
  • Douglas 53€
  • Chanel’s online store 56€
  • Refills are usually just 10€ cheaper than the compact + refill version, so think about the fact that the compacts might have a nice resale value online.
  • As this lasts a good while for my make-up habits, I will definitely wait for it to be discounted during a major sale event (e.g., Woman Day in Austria, Black Friday online etc.). Sadly, Chanel make up hardly ever goes on sale on its own.

What do you think of Chanel’s foundations?