Festive Traditions: a Stroll around the Austrian Christmas Market

Even though I am not a winter person at all, Austria remains to make it bearable with its appealing Christmas markets and abundance of seasonal food. In fact, the only way you will have me step outside my house during the gloomy months of the year is to invite me out for a savory Raclettebrot and a hot mug of Punsch.


This year  went to Vienna to go to some Christmas markets. At first, we went to WU Vienna, which is the countries biggest economical university. The punsch there was insanely cheap and really good.

WU Vienna



We then went on to the Christmas market at Rathausplatz. This place was soooo crowded! It was mostly large groups of tourists. Sometimes I wish we had more regulations on tourism here in Austria… especially Asian tourists act in a very hectic way which is the exact opposite of Austrian mentality. Smaller villages like Hallstatt largely adapted to their needs and locals can not even afford housing there anymore, which is just sad. I wish that in times like December they would focus on local and loyal customers more, rather than raising the price for a regular Punsch to up to 9€.