Merry Christmas Everyone!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a lovely time with your friends and family!

I really don’t know whether it’s just me getting older or the fact that I have spent the past three years working all of Decemebr and even on the 24th, but I really have a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. This time of the year is supposed to make you feel reconnected with your loved ones and find serenity, but I expereince it as the most stressful time.

I feel like we have lost the true sense of Christmas and it has become more of a chore to us. Buying presents no one needs, visiting family you don’t see all year and and spending hours polishing up the house for that one day…

Maybe it’s just a workers perspective but I have a hard time finding positive aspects in this hurry of a month we call December.

Anyway, I spent Christmas with my close family (I really don’t have lots of relatives) as every year. We had some food and then went on to the presents.


As always, we had Raclette for dinner, which has become one of the most popular holiday dishes over the past decade here in Austria. It’s basically a grill on a table, but it has a special compartment for cheese to melt. All types of meat can be served and they are usually accompanied by loads of white bread and many little side dishes and condiments. In other words: everyone fixes their own plate.

Happy holidays!