Goodbyes and Other Thoughts on Going Abroad

I will land in Amsterdam in less than 3 days and I am slowly starting to realize that I won’t be seeing my friends and family for a really long time. This is definitely the worst part of going on a semester abroad – for anyone involved. I have talked to multiple friends who have been living in a different country already and they all say that saying goodbye makes you realize the fact that, well, you will be away.

This is definitely the point when you start doubting your decision to go – at least that’s what I’m feeling like right now. Even though the International Student Network has already set up an incredible schedule for the first few days to meet the other internationals and get to know each other, I still feel kind of lost. I really have a hard time opening up to people and all these ‘Tell the class a fun fact about yourself!’ settings are not really my way of bonding woth someone.

Even though I’m in this haze of sadness right now I know this is the right thing to do and I know that only the first few days might feel weird and strange to me. Anytime I start worrying, I just remind myself of how happy I was when I finally got my letter of acceptance for going abroad and how much I wanted this to happen.