Night Out at the Marktkantine

Last Saturday was my first time going out to a proper club in Amsterdam since I arrived in the city, so you can already guess how excited I was to go! A friend of mine, Nina, was celebrating her birthday so we all met up for pre-drinks beforehand and had a really cool time together.


I think we saw all the DJs mentioned in the ad. Honestly, all of them were so insanely talented and managed to create sets that made the crowd go wild. I love how techno/house is so popular in the Netherlands and not as ‘alternative’ as it is back home in Austria.


De Marktkantine is a really cool an unique club. It has a big dancefloor with some elevated spaces to dance on. The DJ booth had all types of cool decor going on, it kind of looked like a jungle for this specific event (I know they change it according to who’s playing). The even offer lockers. Drinks are rather expensive and even tap water costs a few euros.

All in all, I think the Marktkantine is a unique club and has a really great line up of DJs.

  • Marktkantine’s website can be found here
  • Their line up and the ticket prices (usually around 20€) can be found on their Facebook page