Café Winkel 43 – The Best Appeltaart in Amsterdam

As spring has finally started to arrive here in Amsterdam, we decided to stroll around the city and have some delicious Dutch apple pie at one of the best spots in town. Café Winkel 43 is notoriously known for having the best appeltaart, so we got in line to be seated. The place is really tiny, so chances are you will encounter a line at the door. We didn’t wait for more than 10 minutes though, and the service was fast and friendly.


The appeltaart was actually a huge piece and it was straight from the oven. Also, this place is not expensive at all, I paid a total of 7€ for a cappucino and an appeltaart.

Café Winkel’s website can be found here.

Noordermarkt 43, 1015 NA Amsterdam