MOCO Amsterdam: The Banksy Exhibition

Banksy is a mysterious character, not only in the world of art, but also in the criticism of 21st century culture. Combining those two, he expresses his views mostly in graffiti. Little is known about the artist himself, which is probably part of his devotion to art. This and the fact that his artworks mirror society critically in a way that is easy to understand makes him a unique artist.

Ever since Banksy really pushed the boundaries and did an impressive temporary exhibition, the iconic Dismaland, I knew I had to see his artwork myself at some point in my life. Now that I live in Amsterdam I finally got the chance to see an exhibition on Banksy and many other modern artists at the MOCO.

IMG_1536 2

This one I found particularly interesting, as one of Banksy’s pieces actually shred itself a few months back at an auction.


Contrary to popular belief, Banksy also makes art for the indoors.




Generally speaking, I really enjoyed the exhibition. The only thing that kind of bothers me is how an exhibit you pay money for to see art is somehow against the thought behind Banksy. Maybe he became a sellout by now and doesn’t care anymore… but the fact that an artist who criticizes consumer culture now has his own exhibition feels off to me.

Roy Lichtenstein

This is not a picture – this was an actual room! I actually had to walk our after 2 minutes as it made me feel kind of nauseous.

Lichtenstein’s Mickey Mouse
Yours truly.

Here’s some more general info on the exhibition

  • A regular ticket at the door costs 14.50€, they are a little cheaper when you buy them online and you can skip the line, so I recommend you just buy them online.
  • There’s certain discounts available, you can check whether they may be applicable to your visit here
  • I recommend you visit the MOCO in the morning. We went there after 5pm for the discount and honestly I wouldn’t do that ever again. The museum itself is a rather small house and it gets crowded easily.