Café Crawl with ISN Amsterdam

Amsterdam has loads of cute little cafés and restaurants, so it is quite easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of places you will encounter. I recently joined a Café Crawl, organized by the ISN Amsterdam network, to experience some of Amsterdam’s cute cafés. Anyway, here’s the places we went to!

Le Pain Quotidien


This place was very modern and chique at the same time. I really enjoyed their menu, as they offered lots of brunch dishes and fresh juices.

  • not too pricey, but not cheap either
  • it has a very chique but relaxed feel to it
  • its website can be found here
Beter & Leuk


This place was rather… alternative. I didn’t get anything here because we just walked in to check it out and get takeaway. They have lots of vegan options and as far as I know most of their stuff is organic.

Pluk Amsterdam


Pluk is the epitome of all things girly! Their café is decorated with the cutest little items and their dishes are arranged in such an artistic way, it almost makes you not want to eat them. No wonder this place is literally Instagram-famous!

This is basically edible art.


Pluk was my favorite out of all the cafés we visited. It is rather girly and so highly instagrammable, I just love it.

Sunny Day!

Anyway, I am really looking forward to exploring many many more cafés during my time here and I am planning on making a Top 5 in the end, so stay tuned!

What are your favorite cafés in Amsterdam?