An Afternoon at the Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum certainly is Holland’s most prestigious museum, showcasing Dutch history back to its very beginning. I was deeply impressed by how many works of art date back to the Middle Ages or even earlier. Colonial history and its influence in classical art also had a big focus, which I appreciated as this really helps understand some of the social situations here in the Netherlands today.

The one and only.
Naps after school be like



These dollhouses were so impressive! They had so many little details inside each room, I really had to stand in fron of them for a while and take a closer look. It’s also kind of interesting to see that kids today as well as in the 17th century love to play with dolls.


The Rijksmuseum was definitely one of my most impressive experiences here in Holland, as its sheer size and the variety of pieces on display is just above and beyond. It really gives a lot of insight in Dutch history, which I consider a vital part to understand Dutch culture as it is today.