The 5 Best Editing Apps for Instagram 2019

New year, new Instagram-editing routine or something like that. Trends happen quickly on the gram, but here are my favorite editing apps for 2019 so far. Stay tuned to find out which apps I keep in my editing folder!

Lightroom CC

This has definitely been my most used photo-editing app so far! Lightroom has a variety of features for quick photo-editing. I mainly use it to brighten up dark backgrounds and add some contrast. Their auto-correction feature works wonders!

  • Good for: correcting lighting and contrast
  • Cost: it’s free but you have to create an Adobe account

For the longest time ever I hated this app, and until now I still don’t get why I never used it. VSCO has some great default filters, but I honestly do not feel like you really need the full-version. I think in the past you could buy individual filter packs, but they changed it to a monthly subscription instead. Sucksss.

  • Good for: adding filters and correcting brightness
  • Cost: the default filter pack is free, they have a subscription available for more filters but honestly I don’t think it’s worth it
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with A6 preset filter.

This is THE app for stories. I love all the frames and fonts they offer. The good thing is, unlike VSCO, you can buy filter and font packs individually. This app is definitely great for pre-editing stories and especially if you are promoting a business.

  • Good for: pre-editing stories, especially for business purposes
  • Cost: the default stacks are free, you can purchase additional template and font packs though

This app is originally from Asia and offers loads of augmented reality filters. It is great for making your stories look more unique and interesting. It uses up a lot of battery though, so be careful!

  • Good for: creating unique stories
  • Cost: completely free!

This is my personal favorite to be quite honest. This app brings sparkle and glitter to any image! I love to use it during the winter time and for special occasions (or just making my bland musli breakfast look more attractive).

  • Good for: Stories and posts for special occasions
  • Cost: I think it was 1€ in the app store, a steal for how good it works

That’s it for 2019! Make sure to also check out my 2018 Favorites in this blogpost.

What are your favorite Instagram editing apps?