DGTL Amsterdam 2019

Festival season has finally started here in the Netherlands and I was off to a good start at DGTL! This two-day techno extravaganza takes place at various locations throughout the world and I was lucky enough to get a ticket to their Amsterdam date.

I had the Weekender pass which allowed me to go to the day-time events only, but that was more than enough to be honest. I think I had like 14km of steps on my health app each day just from raving!


On Saturday we saw Green Velvet and Patrick Topping, which reminded me a lot of Ibiza.

Sunday was the hottest day and also featured my favorite act of the whole festival – Disclosure!

I don’t know why exactly, but this festival had lots of older people, but in a good way! It almost made me feel young again. This might make me sound like a total grandma, but I hate being surrounded by year-2000s during concerts and raves. I feel like the younger generation only goes to festivals so that they can say they went to a festival rather than just being there for the music.


Generally, the vibe at the festival was really great and relaxed, you could definitely tell that the majority of people knew the DJs and had been to a couple festivals before, not like at any of the bigger festivals in Europe.

I just have to mention how this festival really set a good example of being almost zero waste. They had a great discount policy for bringing back your used cups and this was honestly one of the cleanest festivals I’ve ever been to. Usually by day two of any festival you can hardly move your feet without stepping into cans and cups on the ground, but DGTL was nothing like that!

They also provided free additional ferries that brought you right to the entrance of the festival. I loved how there was no big distance between the entry and the concert ground either. At any other festival it takes you like a solid kilometer to get to the actual stage.


The cashless system worked so well too! I have to mention this as I went to a different festival about a week after DGTL and they had a token system, which makes you lose track of how much you are actually spending and requires you to go all the way back to the exchange if you run out of tokens. So inconvenient! DGTL had a great way of being cashless, all the card-terminals worked so quickly and it made the ordering process so much faster.

Honestly, DGTL was one of the best festivals I have ever been to so far. Their line up was amazing, the crowd had a great vibe and the logistics just worked seamlessly.