Music On Amsterdam 2019

Last weekend I got to go to another festival here in the Netherlands called Music On. It was situated a little outside of Amsterdam in the Havenpark, which is a big site for festivals of all types.

The festival had a really great techno/house line up, which I really enjoyed. The vibe there was great, I was just kind of bummed about the fact that the weather was so cold, even though the sun came out a few times. When I left my place in the morning I thought I would sweat all day in my sweater and jacket on, but it was even a little too cold during the day!


The music was great and I loved how the scene for techno here in the Netherlands is so big! In Austria we definitely enjoy EDM and house, but techno is kind of a niche there.

One thing that still shocks me is how common drugs are here in the Netherlands. It is a regular thing to take some pills for clubbing and going to a festival. In Austria on the other hand, drugs are basically non-existent and really just for crackheads. Here I see people of my age and social class on drugs all the time and it really has me wondering whether their tolerant drug-policy is something to see as ‘progressive’, considering what it does to your body on long terms.