Keukenhof Flower Gardens

As spring is in full bloom and summer is slowly approaching, I took a trip to Keukenhof. This huge botanical garden is home to a variety of different flowers. The main reasons tourists love this place is because it is somehow stereotypically Dutch, as it is right next to the big tulip fields of Lisse.


I am definitely not someone who knows a lot about flowers – I know what a tulip, a rose and a sunflower look like but that’s about it. Anyway, even I was amazed by how colorful and well-maintained all the flowers were. It kind of felt like as if someone just added an extreme saturation filter to my eyesight.


Keukenhof also hosts tours for elderly people in wheelchairs, in case they need a walking aid. I think it’s very progressive to also think about the fact that elderly people want to do sightseeing too and not feel excluded by barriers like uneven terrain. And yes, elderly people were also made up the majority of tourists at Keukenhof.


Keukenhof offers so many picture-perfect backdrops for Instagram, it is truly one of a kind. But don’t be disappointed to not find the actual tulip fields there. Keukenhof is simply a huge flower garden open for visitors. The pictures on Instagram you see that are tagged with Keukenhof or Lisse are usually taken in the surrounding area. The thing is many people just stop their car along the road to take a picture, most of the time they are not really inside the field, as it is mainly commercial property. So don’t be fooled by Instagram!