Vondelpark and Dutch Weather Struggles

The weather got a little better last week, so we decided to just lay in the sun a bit and enjoy the scenery of Vondelpark. Being the biggest park in Amsterdam, you would expect that there’s a lot of open space and nature. The truth is though that this is the exact opposite on sunny days.

The park itself is really big, it takes about 45 minutes to just walk from one end to another. During summer though, it might take more than an hour as it gets very crowded. I feel like Dutch people make the most out of the little sunshine they get and as soon as the sky starts clearing up they set up their picknick sites in parks. I understand that everyone wants to make the most out of their time, but literally every single square-inch of grass is covered in people loudly drinking, eating and playing their music.

There is a lot of waste on the ground from everyone’s snacks and generally people show very low interest in watching out for the ones next to you. Vondelpark is such a gem of nature in busy Amsterdam, but I feel like the people there are slowly ruining it with all their waste and bad behavior. Anyway, the fact that people behave so rude and generally are very egoistic is one of the things that made me appreciate my home a lot more.

Also, I would have never expected the weather to have such a big impact on how I feel all the time. Right now as I’m writing this, there has not been a single ray of sunshine for like a solid month. I’ve even started to take some vitamin supplements as I can really feel my motivation dropping.

I know that everyone complains about the weather here in the Netherlands, but it is so true. No weather report is ever accurate and the weather changes abruptly. One minute the sun is out and the next it’s hailing. What I hate most about the weather here is the permanent wind. It’s a really flat country, so that was to be expected but the wind is just so insanely harsh and cold all the time, even when the sun is out it feels like it’s still winter. The windchill is so bad that the skin on my knuckles is slowly coming off and my face has never felt so dry.

I know, this post consisted of mainly complaining, but it is true thought. The rudeness of the people and the weather really make me want to go back home by now.