My Time in Amsterdam is Almost Over

I can’t believe how fast time flies and I have yet to realize that I will soon be back home in Austria. I spent almost 5 months in this beautiful city and got to experience exchange life to the fullest.

My emotions right now are completely over the place. One part of me is longing for home and can’t wait to meet all my friends and see my dog again. The other half is depressed because I won’t see my friends from abroad anytime soon and I have to say Goodbye to the Netherlands. I honestly feel exactly like I felt when I started my journey here, but a lot more content and reassured about myself.

Living in a different country and being confronted with different cultures and backgrounds definitely has its ups and downs but I am more than grateful for this experience. It is just so sad to think how doing an exchange semester is basically the only way to surround yourself with people from all over the world in an environment that allows you to make the most out of your time here.

Anyway, I feel like once I’m home this will feel like a dream, as if I’m not even entirely sure that it even happened. I am really looking forward to Austria but I already know that I will be depressed about not being on exchange anymore. I guess all things that get your forward and help you develop have this bitter-sweet side to it.